Monday, January 7, 2008

David Oldfield – Substantiate or Apologise

David Oldfield – Substantiate or Apologise


Many people know you including your beloved Pauline Henson! Recently you found a spot to sprout your unsubstantiated prejudice and bigotry from the very sheltered Radio 2GB which gained the notoriety as a well-known hate machine of Sydney without any remorse whatsoever. But again, one of the star shock-jock of the same station seeks his moral guidance from the toilet blocks of the suburbia and he was convicted in many times for many crimes!

Last night i.e. Monday morning (07/01/08) you allowed a conversation where both of you discussed about the “incestuous relationship” amongst the Bangladeshi and Pakistani origin communities. In that time you and your caller claimed, “because of the incestuous relationship amongst the Bangladeshi and Pakistani origin communities – there are a large number of mentally defective children in those communities”.

Naturally, I demand the complete and corroborative evidence in support of your claim which I believe is based on your usual prejudice and bigotry. Failure to do so should attract an unambiguous apology to both Bangladeshi and Pakistani communities.

Faruque Ahmed
Free Australia Now
Mobile: 041 091 4118

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