Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Reg Kermode Thugs Went on to Kidnap and Rob Faruque Ahmed

Reg Kermode Thugs Went on to Kidnap and Rob Faruque Ahmed

Further to NW TDA Committee Member, Taxi mafia managed to silence and sabotage 20 Inquiries and outcome of Inquiries! The reasons are very simple!!

Taxi mafia used to control NSW Ministry of Transport, NSW Department of Transport, NSW Department of Industrial Relations and NSW Transport Workers Union. Now, the taxi mafia also controls the NSW Taxi Drivers Association under the thumb of Eddie Diab and Anne Turner.

Today, 2 thugs of Reg Kermode went to two taxi bases and made inquiry about Faruque Ahmed. Their rude and offensive behaviour worked against them in those taxi bases. One of them then rang Faruque Ahmed and placed a request to meet him urgently. Faruque Ahmed agreed while questioned him about the nature of urgency. He was told, “I’ll tell you when I see you, it is a bit complicated. When Faruque Ahmed encountered these two persons, he realised that it was a plot to rob and kidnap him. Argument erupted and Faruque Ahmed requested neighbours to call the Police. After a short argument and chase the Reg Kermode thugs under the guise of the NSW TDA left the scene.

One must wonder why is Faruque Ahmed under so much pressure? Is it just a co-incidence or more than that?!

--- On Tue, 15/12/09, Ted Hirsch wrote:

From: Ted Hirsch
Subject: fighting back to save the TDA !
To: "Faruque Ahmed"
Received: Tuesday, 15 December, 2009, 11:07 PM

The “Short report of 10 December committee meeting” by Bradley is deliberately false and highly misleading to Committee members.

It is untrue at that meeting “Faruque was suspended as Secretary” and therefore “Faruque to be removed from exec site” and “Faruque to return Phone, Keys etc.

How come the Bradley 14Dec email is so different? (But still incorrect and misleading.)

It now says “you are only suspended” and “you will have a chance to have your say at the next meeting next year”.

In other words NOT removed from the Committee !

The “Short report refers to Constitution Clause 8.11 which states absolutely clearly “A person to be suspended should be given a reasonable chance to explain their conduct before making this decision.”

So therefore NO ONE is suspended !

Until AFTER providing an explanation and BEFORE making this decision “at the next meeting next year”.

And only THEN might TDA Phone, Keys etc be required.

In the meantime Bradley is hounding Faruque today 15Dec, less than 5 days after the 10 Dec Ctee Mtg !

Why this hurry?

When his 14 December email says in 7 days, on 21Dec.

And why Bradley’s gross deception of a personal ambush today? Which nearly resulted in a police arrest of Bradley for assault. A disgrace to the TDA !

And when Phone, Keys etc will NOT be required until AFTER a decision at the next meeting next year”. And when removal from Exec is also not until AFTER a decision at the next meeting next year”.

You have a lot of explaining to do for your deception and misleading of Faruque and of the Committee, Trevor.

In the meantime I have cleared the TDA PO Box and listed the mail on Exec.

I agree to Bhargav doing the clearing of the PO box and will arrange to hand over the key to him (without Bradley interference).

8.0 Committee Procedures

8.11 Removal of an Officer or Serving Member of the Committee. A meeting of the Committee may suspend or remove by passing a resolution any person on the Committee from their position before the expiration of the person's term of office where the person concerned has shown gross dereliction of duty and has acted persistently in a manner prejudicial to the interests of the Association. A person to be suspended should be given a reasonable chance to explain their conduct before making this decision.

From: Trevor Bradley <teebrad54@yahoo.com.au>

Subject: PO Keys

To: "Faruque Ahmed" <union_faruque@yahoo.com.au>

Cc: "Anne Turner" <princessannie@unwired.com.au>, "Eddy Diab" <eddy7529@hotmail.com>

Received: Monday, 14 December, 2009, 8:32 PM

Faruque, do not overreact, you are only suspended, you will have a chance to have your say at the next meeting next year. In the mean time, we cannot let the mail go that long. You have already said that the mail was too much of a chore, and the committee agreed with you that Bargo could the job. You have clearly lost interest in doing the secretary’s work, and the committee took the obvious decision. Anne did say that you might be offered another position, that much is in the balance. So if you can be sensible, and if you voluntarily cooperate and return the keys, you will go a long way to restore peoples confidence in you. Only recently, you were complaining about Ted not returning TDA property. Don’t do the same thing yourself. Be a gentleman and let’s sort out this small matter quickly before people start getting upset. It’s only common sense. There is no need to run away, no-one in the TDA is going to harm you.

I have been ordered to issue a seven day notice for the return of property. That is very unpleasant, it shouldn’t have to go that far. Let us sort this out in a sensible way between committee members. It’s a simple matter, let’s deal with it quickly and neatly,

before that happens.

Yours in good faith

Trevor Bradley, Committee member, for the Committee

--- In NSWTDAEXEC@yahoogroups.com, "teebrad54" wrote:

Short report 10th December committee meeting

Meeting Opened by Anne under section 8.11

Faruque suspended as Secretary

Faruque to be removed from exec site

Faruque to return Phone, Keys, letters, and all NSWTDA property asap.

Support for Anne Turner, confirmed.

Special Sub committee for Upper House enquiry, headed by Anne Turner, is formed immediately. Ted Hirsch allowed to participate.

Trevor Bradley appointed Acting Secretary.

Detailed reports and minutes following.

Trevor Bradley Acting Secretary

NW TDA Committee Member

Committee Members,

Since the election Anne Turner and her cohort (Trevor Bradley + ??) were busy to murder lawfully elected committee members and secret meetings with the taxi mafia. They have not done or even shown any interest to do anything about taxi drivers’ issues!

You are the judge.

Faruque Ahmed

Secretary, Friday, December 11, 2009

Re: short report Dec meeting

Your short report 11th of December 2009 refers.

Your statement that "Faruque suspended as Secretary" is incorrect.

No one can suspend any elected committee member without following due process of law and procedures laid down in the NSW TDA constitution.

The committee may propose to suspend a committee member and after an explanation has been received and considered may then decide to suspend or not.

That is in accordance with the NSW TDA Constitution clause 8.11.

Any other procedure or action is incorrect, unconstitutional and illegal and can be challenged in a court of law.

It is noted the committee meeting agenda did not notify such a proposal or action to suspend Faruque Ahmed.

The proposal to suspend should have clearly stated the reasons under the constitution for any proposed suspension and I await a copy of those reasons to enable an explanation to be prepared.

I await an urgent committee response.

Faruque Ahmed

Secretary, Friday, December 11, 2009

--- In NSWTDAEXEC@yahoogroups.com, "teebrad54" wrote:

Short report 10th December committee meeting

Meeting Opened by Anne under section 8.11

Faruque suspended as Secretary

Faruque to be removed from exec site

Faruque to return Phone, Keys, letters, and all NSWTDA property asap.

Support for Anne Turner, confirmed.

Special Sub committee for Upper House enquiry, headed by Anne Turner, is formed immediately. Ted Hirsch allowed to participate.

Trevor Bradley appointed Acting Secretary.

Detailed reports and minutes following.

Trevor Bradley Acting Secretary




Our conversation today. I am surprised this matter has been put `under the carpet'.

Yours sincerely,

Geoff Coates

-- In NSWTDAEXEC@yahoogroups.com, "gj.coates" wrote:

Re: Information for members.

This was written by Secretary. In his capacity he has every right. Too late, but he is elected Secretary.

Some of his warnings do convey important messages.

Yours sincerely,

Geoff Coates

--- In NSWTDAEXEC@yahoogroups.com, "Biplobi Faruque" wrote:

Re: Information for members.

Power drunk Anne and Stalker Bradley do not want the following agenda. They love to hang in to blood thirsty agenda and eventually turn the NSW TDA as a taxi mafia group rather than working taxi drivers' organization.

I therefore refuse to attend tomorrow's so called meeting.

Faruque Ahmed

Secretary, Wednesday, December 09, 2009 (10.07 pm).

Suggested Agenda:

1. Consideration for the NSW Upper House Inquiry

2. Consideration for the Amendment of the recently passed Taxi Bill

3. Discussion about pre and post Christmas media strategy

4. T&I and Police harassment of taxi drivers

5. Rescinding Ted Hirsh suspension

6. Official Report regarding taxi owners meetings, meeting with taxi mafia, meeting with T&I, ….

7. Future direction and other issues

Faruque Ahmed

Secretary, Wednesday, December 09, 2009

--- In NSWTDAEXEC@yahoogroups.com, "teebrad54" wrote:

Anne Turner's computer is playing up so she has asked me to pass on the following message:

Faruque's agenda is published less than 48 hours before the meeting, it is too late so it is not valid.

The Official and correct agenda is as I have published as follows;

To all Committee members,

Last week I asked our Secretary, Faruque Ahmed, to announce details of our final Committee meeting of the year. He has not responded.

I therefore wish to advise that there will be a Committee meeting at 11am, Thursday 10th. December 2009 at Granville RSL Club.

Please note the following agenda:

1. Open meeting and welcome all.

2. Attendance/apologies.

3. Minutes of previous meeting.

4. Presidents report.

5. Secretaries report (including correspondence) .

6. Treasurers report (including accounts/payments) .

7. Role of Secretary, performance of duties and abuse of

fellow Committee members.

8. General business.

9. Other matters (time permitting).

See you at the meeting.


per Anne Turner

Confidential NSW TDA Issues

Further to Anne Turner's Weapons of Mass Destruction, Why Sex? and panty centric conspiracy of Trevor it must be clear;

1. NSW TDA is not someone’s private property and

2. NSW TDA is a bailee drivers’ organisation.

What is good for bailee drivers’ is good for lessee drivers, owner drivers and rest of the society. The NSW TDA can not represent and protect taxi mafia interest.

Over the last few weeks, some executive committee members have attended a number of meetings on behalf of the NSW TDA. Meetings of owners, meeting with the taxi mafia and DG of the NSW T&I are a few to mention. My concern as a Secretary of the NSW TDA is:

1. These meetings were not approved by the committee.

2. No one officially reported to the committee in writing, on who have organized these meetings respectively.

3. Who have attended these meetings respectively, where and when?

4. What was discussed in those meetings and

5. What was the agreement of those meetings?

The NSW TDA is an open, fully audited and transparent organization. We can not afford and must not resort in secrecy.

No Personal Issues

The NSW TDA time were consumed because of personal issues involving Anne Turner, Trevor Bradley and Tony Denton.

This time Anne Turner's Weapons of Mass Destruction, Why Sex? and panty centric conspiracy of Trevor is also causing plenty of trouble. Surely, we can do without them.

Faruque Does Not have Any Personal Issues

I have been fighting for taxi drivers’ issues for a long time and I will continue to do so. I do not have any personal problem with anyone. It was Anne under the guidance of Tony made many frivolous and vexatious allegations against me. I have refuted them correctly.

Direction the NSW TDA

Ann, Trevor (Tony)

Do you have any direction for the NSW TDA? Certainly not!

Last committee meeting Trevor’s control freak agenda collided with Anne’s blood thirsty agenda. I have posted a warning then. However, for the sake of peace I kept a blind eye. But, I have to act now.

Blood of Ted

Ted was ambushed at the last committee meeting. Anne Turner and Trevor Bradley were mean, vicious and in breach of law. Ted’s suspension was immoral, illegal, harsh and unjust. Such a suspension was not beneficial for the NSW TDA or anyone for that matter.

I Advice to Rescind Ted’s Suspension

For a number of reasons Ted may take legal action against the NSW TDA. I will prefer to rescind Ted’s suspension. I repeat again, Ted’s suspension is not beneficial for anyone. It is a manipulation of a couple of power drunk people.

My Priority

My priorities are NSW Upper House Inquiry, amendment of the last Taxi Bill, countering media and public attacks against taxi drivers and many burning issues I was trying to raise for a long time. Infighting is the last thing in my mind.

Anne’s Ignorance and Determination to Remain Ignorant

In many times Anne spoke to me about many serious issues based on rank talk. I politely advised her to read posts at the Exec and other documents before making such a big statement. Her responses used to be, “I know what I am doing and don’t patronise me”. Surely, I have to draw a boundary to protect myself from false and fabricated accusations.

Anne’s Threat

Anne has been threatening to resign over Trevor, Tony, Ted and a few other issues! She is free to choose her destiny. However, in all of those threat and actions I can not see any interest of the NSW TDA.

NSW TDA is our Asset

Due to a few people’s vendetta and power drunk nature the NSW TDA can not and must not be destroyed.

Re: December Committee meeting.

Surely rather than a further witch hunt there can be some attention to the parliamentary upper house enquiry on this agenda?


Why Sex?

Anne Turner's phone woke me up! Euphoric Anne instructed me to read her charming and knowledgeable friend Tony Denton's word of wisdom.

I complied and replied. Now she is very unhappy! Interestingly, she was speaking about Tony and Tony over the last few weeks! She never spoke about all other burning issues of the taxi industry apart from mafia blessed taxi plate hullabaloo. She also spent the TDA money to express her devastation over taxi plate furor.

Panty centric Trevor rang me up and we spoke for a while. During that discussion I never mentioned the word "SEX"! Yet, Anne is upset about sex!!

Anne rang me up at the evening! She used four letter words like a spoiled little brat during that conversation. Perhaps she did not know the fact that I have reliable witness to verify my side of the story!!

Anne Turner's Weapons of Mass Destruction

Tony Denton is a mentally challenged person. Long time ago, virtually the whole world deserted him. Mike Hatrick and Faruque Ahmed were supporting him in many ways for a long time. Recently both of us relised that Tony requires professional assistance and I have decided cut ties with him for safety and security reasons. I have advised Anne about it. However for some strange reason Anne became very close to Tony and found herself in many troubles.

I am not answerable to Tony. However, Anne Turner inspired frivolous and vexatious attacks of Toney do not deserve any attention. Nonetheless I have to add a few points to dispel some of the myths.

Faruque Ahmed's Letter to ACMA is common sense approach. The ACMA Reply to Faruque Ahmed is a result of due process of law. Faruque Ahmed's Letter to Radio 2UE a necessary beast! Radio 2UE Response to Faruque Ahmed is frustrating and a reflection of the media culture of Australia. Faruque Ahmed's Communication with the ACMA will be a test case after the Cash for Comment Inquiry.

David Oldfield, David Oldfield to David Oldfield, Taxi Mafia Inspired Blockade (Radio 2 UE), David Oldfield to Jim Ball and Taxi Mafia Inspired Blockade (Radio 2GB) are self explanatory.

The power of Aussie talkback and Have your say on talkback radio are a good starting point. Deliberately impotent NSW Anti-Discrimination Board allows Muslim and Christian Bashing in NSW. However, saying a word against Zio-Nazi war crimes and genocide are considered to be the cardinal sins here!

Foreign Minister Stephen Smith, Sadistic Reply and Is He Guilty Because Of His Religion? are only few issues I am proudly involved with.

I therefore reject Anne inspired and Tony delivered idiocy. I got better things to do.

Faruque Ahmed

Monday, November 30 2009

From: This sender is DomainKeys verified Add sender to Contacts To: union_faruque@...


I have been advised of your posting on the NSW TDA Committee Forum about your comments to the President of the NSW TDA, Anne Turner

You said, ' Tony Denton became a mental...'

You also went on to say, '...He physically attacked you and a few little girls. Tony vandalised a chicken shop and another persons backyard...'

I Tony Denton have not, ' become a (sic) mental...'

I Tony Denton have not and have never physically attacked Anne Turner nor have I attacked any, '..few little girls..' or for that matter any ,'few' big girls nor any other little or big persons of any sort.

There has been no physical 'attacking' by me of any kind

Where is your supporting evidence ?

Or is this another example from the multitude of examples of how you consistently attempt to direct blame onto others, unsuccessfully, all without any foundation of support and without any supporting evidence ?

I remind you and all the world who will be reading this ...of your failure in taking 2GB and Jim Ball to task for racial slanders etc

I remind you of your failure to prove that Brian Wilshire's wife and Jim Ball's wife are somehow from a what you have time and time again said are from, "Jewish' background.

I remind you that you clearly failed to prove that those women, 'are Jews.'

They are not

I remind you of your failure to challenge even one of your many evictions from premises in the Marrickville & Dulwich Hill area

I remind you of your failure to select ethical & moral persons to share your flat with when you were at Marrickville. You attracted that 'jackal' of a person, that 'maloon' as you called him and you are completely responsible for how he ripped you off financially.

I remind you of your many failures to even get your voice heard on many, many talk back radio stations

I remind you of your failure in holding down an ongoing job as a Petroleum Engineer & of your sacking by the Australian manager on the instigation of the visiting American CEO when you were at BP

You...like many other so called 'activists', confuse free speech and instead substitute personal attacks in it's place

I remind you of your own comments about 'karma'

You....yourself know you are creating what is awaiting you by your conscious & deliberate wrongful thinking wrongful actions & wrongful comments

Is this situation involving Anne Turner, myself & others a further example of such?

Is this situation a further example of the 'unbalanced chequebook' of wrongful thinking, actions & comments coming from yourself for which ...you yourself know.... you will be held accountable for ?

Held accountable by the Universe


What has your comments to do with NSW TDA business ?

Why are your abusive & personal attacks even on the NSW TDA Committee Forum ?

What are they doing there ?

Who will be next in line for your personal attacks ?

Is this your fundamental style to personally attack each and every NSW TDA Executive member...then each & every NSW TDA member themselves...one by one?

This is abuse

You are an abuser

You abuse each & every human being you come in contact with

All secretively....all nefariously

The very behaviour you attribute to the 'Taxi Mafia" the 'Zionists' the 'Jewish' persons....is in reality your own 'dark side'

You attempt to disown that 'dark side' which is part of you - You have failed

And you will continue to fail

You say from your posting; ' In the meantime I am getting threats like;

A. The DG of T&I will cancel your authority....'

B. 'very powerful and knowledgeable people' i.e. taxi mafia do not like you,..,

c. The mafia will deport you from Australia

D. Someone will bash you up,....'

Who exactly is saying these things to you ?

Where is your support for proving that such things are in fact being said to or about you?

You attempt to create an atmosphere of chaos around you and of victimisation directed towards you based on unfounded evidence.

All somehow perpetuated by some hidden and ill meaning unidentified group of persons

I can say this

I do not assosciate with abusers

I do not assosciate with secretive women haters and covert woman oppressors

I do not assosciate with serial inflamers

I do not associate with you

Yours sincerely

Tony Denton

--- In NSWTDAEXEC@yahoogroups.com, peesinbox@... wrote:

May the president please inform the committee on what the situation really is in regards to these perilous accusations, Am sure some of as have been waiting for some sought of an explanation in defense towards such brutal allegations and nothing as of yet, a response may have been unnecessary after faruque's posting, and understandably so with no disrespect to him but I thought it was consistent with his usual characteristics and hence shelved any concern whatsoever.

However, Ted is now alleging the same thing, and I quote Ted is alleging", so therefore it will seem careless and irresponsible on the part of the committee for these very serious claims to vanish without ample investigation which should be followed by a very tangible clarification of what has actually transpired.

Also if these allegations are found to be false the committee has to decide on some sought of a punitive measure which should then hopefully deter future aspirants in the category of making false allegations, however if it emerges that there is some truth in these allegations that should also be taking seriously by the committee in the same respect, because the presidency is what should be protected and no individual, all other battles personal chemical or nuclear should be fought outside NSWTDA battle fields, because I would imagine we have enough on our hands already in much more serious and worthwhile conflicts.

Furthermore, we should all refrain from employing these very detrimental tactics, there should be no place in the NSW TDA for such things, because I particularly have been silenced to a degree as a result of these concerns where am unable to fully say with confidence what I want to say for the fear of espionage because in such an environment with all the almost daily fracas it quiet hard to work out who work for who. We work with some serious organization's and it will be foolish to discount their power, and at the moment I need my license and do not want it tampered with because some of as don't have the capability to fight anything in the courts or the U.N.



Re: [NSWTDAEXEC] Reply to Ted's re; ratbag

Congratulations Trevor ,

you have retracted that false and highly misleading email of yours in which you wrongly claimed that the NSW TDA represented Plate Owners.

We do NOT !

The NSW TDA represents ONLY Bailee drivers, Lessee drivers and Owner drivers.

Through the Networks and CCN and the Taxi Council Ltd the Plate Owners/Investors are leeches that contribute nothing to the taxi industry and for years have screwed operators and drivers financially by unilaterally raising weekly lease fees whenever it suits them.

The NSW TDA opposes these leeches that screw drivers and operators.

Whereas the owner drivers that the NSW TDA represents also carry all the other costs of operating a taxi and doing the hard graft of running and driving a taxi.

With reference to the current very important debate (and test of the TDA !) concerning the new Gov’t Plate Leasing policy, Trevor originally claimed that :

“ Also we represent Bailees Lessees and Plate Owners, that is in the constitution too, and even on the Letterhead.”

Trevor now admits that

“I do take your semantic point, in that I could have used the Term, as quoted, `Owner Drivers' in the constitution.”

and states that

“ I dislike Investor Owners, and I would like speculators and investors to be taken out of the equation of the Taxi Industry.”

and that

“I started the NSWTDA to combat those very investors and leeches, … “

Well done, Trevor, in making a most fundamental correction !

BTW Trevor, there is no need to make an exception for the “inheritors, that is, widows of former working taxi drivers” who own a Plate. They are OK because they can sell the Plate and instead invest in property or shares or a bank deposit if they so wish, like everyone else lucky enough to have $400,000 of investment.



--- In NSWTDAEXEC@yahoogroups.com, "princessannie" wrote:

To all committee members'

I am very disappointed to see personal attacks appearing on this Exec site. The whole idea of Exec is for committee members to communicate committee business in a confidential manner. It further disappoints me to hear non-committee persons (including non NSWTDA members) discussing posts that have been leaked from Exec. For these reasons I refuse to make further posts on this site untill such time as I am convinced that confidentiality and respect are restored.

It is also extremely sad for me to see our Secretary, Faruque, chooses to air his frustrations and personal convictions on the Exec site. Whilst there is absolutely no doubt that Faruque is a staunch fighter for Taxi reform his methods and mixed up ramblings do nothing to endear him to others. Many leaders in our industry consider him to be unapproachable, unstable and single minded. (in fact they often use more colourful words) They refuse to meet with him and ask that he not be brought to group discussions. Unfortunately his reputation is not helping the NSWTDA. However, having said that, I acknowledge that he was instrumental in having the recent plate issue turned into a Parliamentary inquiry. In the past I have supported Faruque, however I am not sure that I will do so in the future. His personal attacks on me make it extremely difficult to work with him. Perhaps his personal convictions and talents would be better suited to a position other than Secretary. This issue must be addressed at the earliest possible oportunity.

I also propose that our last committee meeting for the year be held on Wednesday 2nd. December 2009.


Trevor and Committee members,

The NSW TDA does NOT represent PLATE OWNERS!

It never has.

The NSW TDA represents ONLY Bailee drivers, Lessee drivers and Owner drivers.

Through the Networks and CCN and the Taxi Council Ltd the Plate Owners/Investors are leeches that contribute nothing to the taxi industry and for years have screwed operators and drivers financially by unilaterally raising weekly lease fees whenever it suits them.

The NSW TDA opposes these leeches that screw drivers and operators.

Whereas the owner drivers that the NSW TDA represents also carry all the other costs of operating a taxi and doing the hard graft of running and driving a taxi.

Trevor states to the Committee that, quote: “we represent Bailees Lessees and Plate Owners, that is in the constitution too, and even on the Letterhead”.

That is utterly false!

Our Constitution makes NO mention of Plate Owners.

Our Letterhead makes NO mention of Plate Owners.

Our Constitution and Letterhead refer ONLY to Bailee drivers, Lessee drivers and OWNER DRIVERS.

While deliberately quoting the NSW TDA Constitution and Letterhead,

Trevor, you have DELIBERATELY changed the words of our Constitution and Letterhead from Owner Drivers to PLATE OWNERS!

That is deliberately incorrect, false and misleading to our Committee!

What very deliberate game are you playing, Trevor?

It is suggested you immediately retract and amend and correct your email to the Committee.

The NSW TDA very deliberately represents ONLY Bailee drivers, Lessee drivers and OWNER DRIVERS as per our Constitution and Letterhead!

(Other aspects of your email are also incorrect but I refrain from comment on them.)



My replies are in red.

Generally speaking, do we have plans to take care of 9 points and other issues mentioned in “Ann Turner – Do Not Destroy the NSW TDA”. Anyway, Ann was a metaphor to address everyone.

Faruque Ahmed

Friday, November 20, 2009


I haven’t questioned your integrity. However, I was worried about your naivety. Your “down time” debacle could have been worse. The good part is that you have declared it publicly and be careful in the future about his type of trap.

Apart from this, we have to carry the heavy load as usual.


Any comment or decision based on correct information ought to be good. Please make sure you got your facts in order. Else, have a nice day.


I am pleased to hear that you would like to assist the NSW TDA. Good luck.

POSTCRIPT - Where to next ?

The saga of the sacking is over.

Yesterday 18 Nov 09 Ted was sacked by a 5 to 4 vote from the Committee to which he had been reelected by the members on 30Aug.

He continues to be a member of the TDA from its inception 5 years ago.

Fortunately the sacking affair was conducted without infighting. In part because Ted avoided attacking others and by, perhaps mistakenly, agreeing to step outside several times (despite still being a voting Committee member !).

Some aspects of the decision are however somewhat puzzling.

Ted’s detailed Explanation was not questioned (bar a minor quotation where Ted proved to be correct in fact). So what else beside the only sacking charge of “Unauthorized use of Letterhead” – like the ‘unauthorized letterhead ’ of the Media Release - could possibly have taken a lengthy hour discussion after the Explanation presentation?

Unfortunately there appears to have been an obsession in some quarters with removing Ted, regardless. However an obsession never discussed openly and frankly with him. And for reasons not related in any way to the sacking charge.

As Ted commented afterwards, personal difficulties should be resolved personally face to face whenever possible.

And TDA problems should be resolved at the Committee level.

But sackings should only ever be contemplated in the absolutely most extreme circumstances, because not only are they invariable unnecessary but totally disruptive and potentially destructive, as we know from bitter TDA experience.

Pleasingly, Anne agreed to Ted’s request afterwards to meet next week to discuss some of those personal aspects.

So where to next for Ted ?

Sadly, the sacking papers of 11Oct09, 11Oct09 Minutes and 18Nov09 paper are all fatally flawed. They will not stand up for 5 minutes to a challenge in the Supreme Court. As alluded to in the Explanation penultimate para. And as should be known by some of the more experienced Ctee members.

Alternatively a quieter life – quieter perhaps than foreshadowed in Ted’s written withdrawal from Secretary on 11Aug09 – may be the go.

The next 2 months of the TDA’s actions may perhaps decide.

So where to next for our TDA ?

Very happily the full elected Committee was present yesterday with all new members participating actively. That is a great omen; the way to a future strong Committee which is the strength of the TDA !

And the after meeting drinks were bubbly, enthusiastic, full of ideas, just as the Ctee should be.

Dreadfully however, the failure to debate the ’75 Drivers’ on 11Oct09 (due partly to a substituted non-urgent sacking proposal !), meant the TDA not intervening on behalf of those drivers. That was one of the greatest opportunities ever for the TDA. Instead it turned out to be one of the greatest disgraces and blackest marks in the TDA’s 5 year history !

Next year will be huge and full of major challenges !

With potentially momentous developments !

1.The most critical is the Plate Leasing Bill going through the NSW Parliament presently and which is the greatest taxi revolution in 20 years ! It means the end of the “mafia” raising plate lease fees all the time at the cost to drivers, lessees and operators. NSW TDA support of this new system (while seeking by various means to minimize the number of extra leased taxis on the road) is a critical test of the TDA and its approaches in the next few weeks.

2. Secondly how to support the milepost NSW Upper House Inquiry due for completion next March (?), will also test the TDA. The idea of a GM in Feb to encourage our members to make individual submissions as requested by the Inquiry was floated over drinks. Similarly to distribute flyers or a Squeaky Wheel.

3. The ACCC case against Cabcharge is also momentous and could possibly also affect the TDA in some ways.

4. At the same time there are concerns about the possibility of forces usurping the TDA or pulling the TDA in wrong directions. Disturbing concerns are being expressed about unauthorized ‘TDA’ meetings with Govt bodies and taxi industry bodies concerning (seemingly) issues surrounding the Plate Leasing etc.

I may be a renegade, but I support constructive dialogue with all participants of the taxi industry as potentially important. But always at arms length ! And we must never get into bed with these bodies.

But these recent meetings have been neither notified nor debriefed as to their nature to the Ctee. That is indeed disturbing.

There are also concerns that some may be interested in occupying or taking over the TDA for other purposes.

We must all guard carefully against such possibilities ! Always.

The NSW TDA is strictly and Constitutionally and only for drivers ! Bailee drivers, lessee drivers and owner drivers. It is the only body for taxi drivers representing their interests and no other major body is in the least concerned about the problems of drivers! That membership means that our TDA concerns span those of drivers and operators.

Owner drivers and lessees and bailees who have been the victims of huge rip offs for many years by the Networks, CCN and the Taxi Council Ltd in unilaterally escalating plate lease fees on behalf of plate investors.

But the NSW TDA is not about taxi plate investors who do not contribute to the taxi industry and only draw out profits at the expense of drivers and operators. Plate investors are free to go elsewhere because they have many investment choices, in the form of taxi plates or else property or else shares etc etc, whatever is most profitable for them.

That some may be seeing the NSW TDA as a useful means of advancing non-driver interests is of concern which we must guard very carefully against !


Being no longer on the Ctee, I request that Ernie as the moderator, remove my name from the Exec site. As per the rules governing that site which is only for Ctee business for Ctee members - as I have often said to him in the past .

Similarly, like Ernie, who is not on the Ctee (nor a Delegate BTW), I am happy to assist our TDA with any submissions or other matters if invited and available.

Wishing the Committee the very best in this challenging year,




You are not a friend of taxi drivers. You have consistently acted against taxi drivers in many forums and ways including court rooms of this town. Only good thing you did in your entire life is, standing with us against the Mexican Bandit i.e. Michael Jools.

You got no plan or vision of the NSW TDA. Last time you have wasted six months of our time by trying to remove Ted and myself for no good reason in the first place!! Your action of that time was improper, incorrect, immoral and illegal! The whole debacle blew on your face. You then resigned. Although you did resign in many times before to destabilise the NSW TDA. Last time you thought, the NSW TDA us dead. But, we managed to resurrect it again. Now, you are trying to crawl back in and making smart comments!

Anyway none of us are immured from scrutiny.

Faruque Ahmed

From: gjcoates2@bigpond.com
Subject: Ann Turner - Do Not Destroy the N.S.W. T.D.A.
To: union_faruque@yahoo.com.au Cc: princessannie@unwired.com.au,

Your email 18/11/09 1:36 PM

We have been in the Boxing Ring for over fifteen years. We have not discussed winners or losers.

This was not our priority. As long as the contest continued the spectators would learn.

Now that you are hitting below the belt, no doubt the Referee and Judges will disqualify you.

Yours sincerely,

Geoff Coates


You have failed to add any value in this debate apart injecting insanity and obscenity. Then again your past records are not very clean anyway. However, I neither intend to dwell in the past nor do I worry about your recorded misbehavior.

You got no plan or vision of the NSW TDA like Geoff. Last time you have wasted six months of our time by trying to remove Ted and myself for no good reason in the first place!! Your action of that time was improper, incorrect, immoral and illegal! The whole debacle blew on your face. You then went silent. Then for some reason you reappeared in the scene.

Amway that was the last committee and nothing to do with the current committee! Yet, you went on tell lies to the entire committee about that improper, incorrect, immoral and illegal “Spanish Inquisitionof yours to prejudice the outcome of voting regarding Ted during the last committee meeting. Believe you me, if Ted decides to challenge us at the Supreme Court, we will be in trouble because of vicious and deliberate lies of yours.

Faruque Ahmed

--- In NSWTDAEXEC@yahoogroups.com, "teebrad54" wrote:

Faruque, I do not know if you are raving mad or just a complete ratbag!

Have you taken leave of your senses?

What's wrong with you? Why did you attack Annie?

I just cannot believe the insane ravings in your email or your vindictive intent. Annie has been the best friend to you in the whole TDA.

What on earth is this rubbish you are pumping out. It is disgusting and false.

No Faruque Annie is not a waitress. No Faruque Annie has not sold her arse to the Mafia or anyone else. No Faruque there have been no secret unreported meetings. No Faruque Annie is not converting the NSWTDA to Trunk operators or Owners or Investors or Cabcharge. These accusation are not just false, they are ludicrous. No Faruque, Anne must not be stopped. Anne will not stop, Anne is doing a great job, and she has the support of the committee and the members. Who supports you Faruque? the only one who was doing that was Anne, and I think you have lost her support. You have achieved this great feat single handedly. I wouldn't be surprised if Anne sacks you, anyway that is up to Anne.

Faruque, it has always been our goal to be recognised by the bureaucracy, and the Government and the Industry. We are finally achieving this. If you disagree with these actions then you should have read the constitution when you joined, because it is all in the goals and aims. Also we represent Bailees Lessees and Plate Owners, that is in the constitution too, and even on the Letterhead. Faruque, as I said at the start; Are you really as thick as four planks or just a ratbag? I really don't know which.


Anne Turner – Do Not Destroy the NSW TDA

I do not now whether you are corrupt or incompetent! However, lately you have not shown enough interest in:

1. Taxi Drivers’ Safety,

2. Taxi Drivers’ Welfare,

3. General wellbeing of Taxi Drivers,

4. No Standing/Stopping issue,

5. Ill-motivated attacks against taxi drivers by the Sunday Telegraph and other television stations,

6. Parliamentary Inquiry re Taxi Industry,


8. David Campbell’s taxi mafia inspired congestion tax and

9. Number of burning issues regarding our survival.

However, you have had lots of conversations and meetings with “very powerful and knowledgeable people” i.e. taxi mafia. Yet, you failed to provide exact accounts of those meetings and discussions.

You have organised meeting with the Director General of the Transport & Infrastructure without me on the basis of “I am good” and “He is not”! Again you failed to provide exact account of that meeting (9.00 am, Tuesday, 10 November 2009).

In the meantime, I am getting threats like;

A. The DG of T&I will cancel your authority ….,

B. “very powerful and knowledgeable people” i.e. taxi mafia do not like you, … ,

C. The mafia will deport you from Australia

D. Someone will bash you up, …… .

In short, you are trying to convert the NSW TDA as a group of “trunk operators” and “taxi owners” close to investor type people. As I said before, understood and accepted by everyone before, “The NSW TDA resources must be dedicated for working taxi drivers and owners because what is good for working taxi drivers and owners are good for everyone”.

It came to my attention that, today, you went behind my back to present the “other side of the story” (poor taxi owner/investors violin) to my good friend Lee Rhiannon to neutralise Faruque Ahmed’s singular point of view! Ironically, you have displayed your ignorance and tremendous prejudice against Lee Rhiannon MLC a few days ago!

Who is assisting you with your misadventure Ann?

That sad and miserable person who turned the world upside down and I was forced to waste plenty of my private time and resources to tackle that issue. On the day you went on to meet up with the big DG of T&I (12/10/09). Later, Tony Denton became a mental! He physically attacked you and a few little girls. Tony vandalised a chicken shop and another person’s backyard. Today he is your friend to counter Faruque Ahmed in favour of the taxi mafia!

You are also very keen to remove Ted! I told you before and I am telling you again that no one should be sacked without following due process of law! Ted may be a difficult person but we need people like him too. Lately, you are not answering many telephone calls.

Ann you must be stopped. The taxi mafia must not be taking over the NSW TDA.

Should you really want to assist the taxi owners, you must tell them as I did before that they must demand to re-write the NSW Passenger Transport Act and Regulation. Because the Act compels the taxi owners/operators to be a part of communication network/radio room. However, no one ever bothered to justify the radio fee. They charge whatever they like and the taxi owners/operators got no say in this regard. The radio networks got a build in component for;

1. NSW Taxi Industry Association fee and

2. NSW Taxi Council Limited “extortion money”.

In other words the regulators are forcing taxi operators/owners to join the NSW TIA and Taxi council Limited. Such a compulsion is illegal under many laws including ACCC related legislations and voluntary unionism. This compulsory unionism by stealth is one of the problems of the taxi industry.

If the taxi owners/operators can overcome the first hurdle, then they may negotiate down their insurance fees and other expenditures. However, no one should demand that the NSW TDA must do everything for them.

Just now I have seen Trevor’s agenda! It must be blessed by you and I am shocked to see this agenda.

Now, you want to murder Ted. Then me! Remember, all of a sudden you have asked me for the NSW TDA letter box key on Sunday. The taxi mafia bribed the NSW TWU back in 1984, 1997 and possibly today. I won’t be surprised if the taxi mafia would like to control the NSW TDA.

The agenda items, the way the agenda was prepared and process observed to write the agenda are wrong and unacceptable.

I therefore reject them entirely and ask for a different date of meeting with a proper agenda, plan of action and intention.

Oh, please do not throw Tony Denton inspired and fictitious slurs and slanders as serious accusations against me.

Faruque Ahmed

Secretary, NSW TDA, Email: union_faruque@yahoo.com.au, Mobile: 041 091 4118

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

--- In NSWTDAEXEC@yahoogroups.com, "teebrad54" wrote: Congratulations Faruque

The two notices of motion put up in the Legislative Council, upper house, by Lee Rhiannon in September, and October 2009 were the result of a lot of spadework by Faruque. Congratulations Faruque good work well done.

And now for the good news; We are actually going to have a Taxi Enquiry Committee in the upper house of the NSW Parliament. The parliamentary debate on the issue is following

Keep the Faith Trevbrad

From: peesinbox@... Date: Thu, 12 Nov 2009 23:16:20

To: Ernie Mollenhauer<erniethecabbie@...>

Subject: Re: NSW Taxi Drivers Association OPPOSES releasing more taxi plates


Rather than total opposition I think we should instead push for the MT&I to reduce the number of intended plate release, The TDA should probably adopt a negotiating strategy when dealing with all interested parties and then capitalize on what is achieved when it is achieved so on and so forth, now this shouldn't be viewed upon as a weakness but in fact the opposite, the reality is that to them its business as usual and they will plan and do whatever they will want to do because at the end of the day without their approval and co-operation we can't achieve much. This isn't a trick show but if anybody is unsure why the sudden plate release I suggest maybe ask Faruque Ahmed. Moreover this isn't all bad news because maybe one day all full time professional drivers can afford plates of their own and put some of the deranged operators out of business, I feel really strong about this because of some of the current conditions out there in regards to renting a taxi, where you have some operators wanting all the benefits of a weekly hire, but yet unable to even realize that drivers aren't robots and can get sick or even worse think of asking for a day off.

Also the release of new plates does not automatically mean a sudden explosion of drivers and cars the reason has always been evident in driver training schools yet there has not been any chronic shortage of available taxis to drive, Now operators are aware of this and will calculate carefully any desires in acquiring extra plates, the hope will then be that decent fitting drivers get the plates.

Regards Junior.

--- On Thu, 12/11/09, Ted Hirsch wrote:

From: Ted Hirsch

Subject: Fwd: [NSWTDAEXEC] Re: All Members of Parliament

To: "Faruque Ahmed"

Received: Thursday, 12 November, 2009, 10:07 PM


Congratulations !

An Inquiry by the NSW Upper House into the taxi industry.

And a NSW Office of Industrial Relations crackdown on bases denying entitlements. SMH Thurs 12Nov09 page 3. Splendid !

This year is shaping up as "interesting times" for Reg, with an ACCC case, Upper House Inquiry, driver entitlements investigation all happening at once.

Plus losing his stranglehold on Plate Lease fees and hence Plate Values. Splendid !

I do not know what your post below is about. But we must avoid infighting AT ALL COSTS ! We need everyone fighting together for drivers and using everyone's skills to take advantage of this year's events !

Cheers and congrats !


Faruque Ahmed wrote in


The NSW TDA resources must be dedicated for working taxi drivers and owners and NOT for Cabcharge or other investors. The NSW TDA is an open and transparent organiusation and it must reject secret meetings, character assassination and politics of divide and rule.

Some committee members are spending too much time for taxi plate issue and they have ignored The Sunday Telegraph’s consistent attack against taxi drivers based on false and fictitious issues as well as many other vital issues.

If Les Wielinga tampers with my Authority, I have options including taking this matter to the United Nations for breaching my fundamental rights. So, no one should be patronising me in this regard.

Faruque Ahmed

Secretary, NSW TDA

Email: union_faruque@yahoo.com.au, Mobile: 041 091 4118

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

--- In Sydney_TaxiCorruption@yahoogroups.com, "Biplobi Faruque" wrote: Re: All Members of Parliament

All Members of Parliament

My proposed submission NSW Taxi Royal Commission and submission of the New South Wales Taxi Drivers Association Inc below are for your consideration.

My ICAC Submission provides a good picture of the industry. My initial submission and final submission to the AIRC contain lots of useful evidence to understand the industry. The NSW TWU's Crime against Taxi Drivers presents a picture of 1984 sell out by the NSW TWU. The Ghost and Gas – No Conspiracies adds some light on how did they pass the burden of gas and wash to bailee drivers' shoulder illegally! The AIRC transcript is like a "scary canary" trying to expose many crimes and corruption in front of seven judges under pressure.

Before you vote please remember it is your state and you must protect the interest of the state and public.

Faruque Ahmed

Moderator, Sydney Taxi Corruption

Email: union_faruque@yahoo.com.au, Mobile: 041 091 4118

9 November 2009