Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Barrister and the Board of Director

The Barrister and the Board of Director

Two well dressed and good looking middle aged women vented their new found wealth of knowledge based on infamous Norma Khoury’s fraudulent work known as “Forbidden Love”. They said, “do you know the Arabs and Muslims disrespect their mothers, bash their wives and torture their daughters”?! The knowledgeable cabbie facetiously responded, “where are you going” (implying forget about your prejudice and bigotry based on false and fabricated reasons and grounds to incite against the Arabs and Muslims?).

The overconfident passengers responded, “he does not know and care”.

The taxi driver roared, “the dog, women, and the walnut tree – beat them up – better to be”.
The Barrister jumped, “I am a Barrister and you want to beat me up”?
The driver replied, “Barristers are not immune from stupidity and someone should ‘chabook’ your bare buttock”.
The other passenger yelled, “my mother is a holocaust survivor”.
The cabbie went on to say, “you and your mother must volunteer yourselves to the nearest gas chamber because it is long over due”. He also added, “any women dare to criticise Islam based on blatantly deliberate prejudice and bigotry must be stoned to death”.

The dogfight ensued.

The taxi driver responded;
1. Your anti-Arab and anti-Muslim prejudice and bigotry is based on infamous Norma Khoury’s notorious Forbidden Love is horrendous.
2. Based on that ugly piece of work mentioned above, millions of stories/reports were written, movies/documentaries were made to vilify Muslims and Arabs. Now you are trying to educate me with your ill-gotten wealth of knowledge is just wrong.
3. The Muslims used to protect ungrateful Jews like you throughout history and you lot are repaying them according to the well-known and infamous Jewish way based on your deliberate and shameless prejudice and bigotry and thereby paving your way to the gas chamber.
4. In India they used to burn women alive, the Europeans used to torture and kill women for a variety of reasons including witch hunt and people of many other parts of the world used to bury their own baby daughters live. It was the prophet Muhammad whom you despise ordered to stop these barbaric practices and saved women, as well as ensured women’s rights contrary to your false and vindictive claims based on dogmatic propaganda made in Israel.

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